About me

About meAbout me.

About me: my name is Peter. I live in Poland. Drawing is one of my hobbies – my major hobby. As a kid I redraw the characters from comics of Szarlota Pawel, Janusz Christa, Henryk Chmielewski and many other Masters of Polish comics. In this way I tried to teach my hand to achieve “good line”. Unfortunately, my hand proved to be too „independent”  🙂 .

Long, long time ago I published my work as social action in the parish newspaper. For this reason, on this page, you can find “religious” comics. The rest I created for my own use (to calm my nerves 🙂 ) or for friends. Probably some of you ask themselves (looking at the dates of my work), why only now I have decided to publish my work in network. It is thanks to the most important person in my life. My muse – Monica.

Currently I’m working on publishing coloring book for adult and youth and fairly tale for children. I will be reporting about progress of the work in the news on my website 🙂 .

I wish you pleasant reading.

Piotr Dulski


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